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On September 28, 2018, the BRP Weekend 2018 Event took place in the Moscow Region for the first time. Ritm Company with the QuantSport and BRP Travel became the organizer and judge of the ATV Light and ATV Extreme categories of competitions.

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We accept Bitcoin.

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The "Ritm" Company served as the technical partner of a major sporting and tourist event — the BRP Weekend festival "The opening of ATV season 2017" on April 22, 2017.

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Dear customers and partners!
There is a short description of the main features of the iOS application GEO.RITM at your convenience.

The application is published on Apple Store and available on your iPhone or iPad.

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RITM Company will take part in the exhibition MIPS-2017, which will be held from March 21-24, 2017..

We invite you to visit our stand No.A313!
Available a free ticket by the code sec17eIRTT.

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Contact GSM-9A

When serious electrical power supply interruptions affect a secure facility, a high-capacity battery becomes necessary. The built-in power backup supply with 1.2 or 7 Ah battery capacity allows the
Contact GSM-9A to address power backup issues. The
Contact GSM-9 panel allows you to connect up to 3 fire alarm detectors or up to 6 security sensors. This number is enough to provide security for store units, production and distribution facilities, single-room flats and other small facilities.

Contact GSM-1M

Easy equipping of a small shopping pavilion or other property with a standalone or stationary autonomous alarm button without the installation of other expensive systems thats exactly the kind of job that the Contact GSM-1 is designed to do. Operation of the alarm button doesnt require any additional modules or devices: all it needs is to be connected to an external power source or periodically charged.

Wi-Fi facilities

Wi-Fi devices are designed to increase the capabilities of
Contact GSM-16 and Contact GSM-14 Wi-Fi security panels operating in the same computer network. For network equipment with Internet access, the accessories in the GEO.RITM monitoring system are standalone devices. This makes it possible to configure them remotely and to control them directly without using security panels.

Central monitoring stations

Use central monitoring stations with USB/LAN interfaces to create backup and main (in case of impossible using of TCP/IP) communication channels through DTMF, voice GSM, CSD (v 32 and v 110). The stations operate with our own equipment as well as with different third party equipment using for data transfer the following channels: DTMF, voice GSM and Ademco ContactID protocol.

Contact 15

Modern security and fire alarm device for streaming video from 4 cameras. It is ideal for small facilities that require providing security as well as video surveillance of meeting rooms, sales points and ATM installation locations. Using of Contact 15 with analog cameras, high-speed Internet or 4G-modem allows to provide streaming video to the GEO.RITM monitoring software in real time.

RDD1, RDD2 and RDD3

Installing a magnetic contact sensor (for window and door opening) on windows or doors is the simplest and the most reliable way to receive information about unauthorized access to the guarded facility. RDD1, RDD2 and RDD3 magnetic contact radio sensors produced by the Ritm Company operate via a radio channel, which allows to reduce the number of wires.

Voyager 5N

In order to find out where your cargo is (containers, railway cars, road trains, etc.) and make sure it is safe, you can use state-of-the-art modern satellite tracking devices, such as the Voyager 5N GPS tracker, which comes in a tamper-proof, dust- and moisture resistant casing.

Voyager 6N

A fully independent and sealed GPS-tracker, also known as a beacon or bug, is designed to determine a vehicles location in the event of theft.

Voyager 2N-

Voyager 2N- is an expansion module for the Atol Drive5 tachograph based on the Voyager 2N GPS tracker, the flagship among the navigation equipment produced by Ritm. Install Voyager 2N- and get all features of the satellite vehicle monitoring system plus the GEO.RITM software!

Contact GSM-16

The Contact GSM-16 control panel is used for real estate objects: country cottages and private homes, studio and regular apartments, stores and offices, warehouses and production shops. The combination of wired input loops and radio sensors allows to control up to 48 different zones.